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2016 Senior 6 examinations results released

The Ministry of Education has today, February 16th, 2017, released results from Advanced level examinations of 2016.

The results released are from general science, Technical and Vocation Education and Training (TVET) and Teacher Training education.

Of overall 41 609 students who registered for examinations in 2016, 41 240 students corresponding to 99.1 per cent were able to sit

This number of candidates represents a slight decrease of 2.3 per cent of the candidates the previous year (42,687).

The number of students who are pursuing TVET subjects is dramatically growing year after year and Isaac Munyakazi, the State Minister in charge of Primary and Secondary Schools believes TVET schools are not for students who have not excelled in Ordinary Level examinations but for competent students thanks to the government’s efforts to this policy implementation.

He said, “In early days, students who joined Vocational Training Schools were those who had very few marks which could not allow them to continue in Advanced level education. But now the mindset has changed because brilliant ones are willing to join TVET schools given a number of opportunities available at the labor market related to technical education”

Girls outshine boys

During the general assessment on how students performed, results show that girls have outshone boys in different corners of performances.

In general, a total of 24 074 students sat TVET examinations. 13358 of them, that is 55.49 per cent, are boys while 10 716 (44.51 per cent) are girls.

In general sciences educations, 89.5 per cent passed where 52.5 per cent who passed are girls, comparing to 47.5 per cent of boys.

Elsewhere, 90 per cent TVET male candidates passed while 86 per cent of female candidates also passed.

Of 24074 students who registered in Vocational Training Schools, 22 086 were able to sit examinations and 21 283 passed, including 10 716 girls and 13 358 boys, all succeeding at 88.1 per cent.

In Teacher Training sector, 2787 students sat the exam, seeing 2782 corresponding to 99.8 per cent getting pass.

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