21 Rwandan migrants held, detained in Goma

DR Congo’s General Office of Migration  has on Tuesday  announced that they hold 21 Rwandan migrants who were recently arrested holding Congolese elction cards.

Following the recent  tough security operations , especially in Goma, the migrants were arrested in  Northern Kivu and were officially unveiled  to the public on  February 7th 2017.

The Migration Office chief that these migrants were arrested walking from Rwanda  to Goma, passing by  Congo-Rwanda Border known as ‘Grande Barriere’ and were detained suspecting them to hold congolese election cards while they were also carrying Rwandan Identity cards proving that they are Rwandese.

Reports from Radiyo Okapi say that  two of them escaped from the arrest while the remaining 19 have are in custody  for investigations which are being held by T2 investigation department based in Goma.

The Civil Society in Nyiragongo region, 10 miles away from Goma says ,in January, more Rwandan migrants were arrested for the same alleagations.

Norbert Bazengezi Katintima, the Congolese National Election Commission Vice President has said investigations are on going to find out something behind the polling cards forgery, believed to be operated in Nyiragongo.

He sai,: we heard of it [the acty of forging fake polling cards in Nyiragongo ], but we don’t have any proof at the moment, that’s why we want to find the proof after completing the ivestigation”

Presidential elections in DR Congo were expected to be held at the end of last year (2016) but were postponed and ready to take place in 2018, giving Kabila two more years to chair the Government of Transition, having his ruling  term in 2016.

The [polling] cards thats Rwandan migrants were arrested carrying, give every people in Congo full right to be considered a congolese.

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