47 get scholarship to study at Nyundo Music School

Nyundo Music School is ready to welcome at least 47 more new students who got a chance to get be trained by the school for three-year music incubation to be turned into bright music hopefuls by profession.

Organized by Workforce Development Authority (WDA) and the school, officials from both institutions conducted a two-week music talent detection and selection where over 600 youngsters countrywide were able to register for the challenge.


The final stage of selection was held last week at the Integrated Polytechnic and Regional Centre (IPRC)-Kigali, seeing only 47 selected after fulfilling all required conditions including potential music talent and having completed at least senior three in secondary education.

the school will train the selected students during a period of three years as usual, where it owns enough and potential music instruments that help them develop their talents with both theoretical and practical skills.

The team has also taken away 15 more youngsters who will be incubated with one-year short training, after showing classic skills in music , but lack a little more to improve.

According to Jacques Muligande, better known as Mighty Popo, the school director, studies for the selected students will start on January 23rd, with the school desperate to receive only 30 students who will be able to afford to pay required school fees.

He explained that the selection took 47, hoping that some of them would probably be disqualified by their families’ financial status.

” Our school will start with 30 students. we took 47 because we are not sure all of them will match the school fees required. we decided to exceed the required number because we expect some would fail to pay while others would be ready for the school fees price tag,” he told our reporter.


It has been three years since WDA has been offering free scholarship to students who were selected to study at this school. But this year only those who are ready to pay school fees on their own will be able to attend the music class.

“WDA has done a great job that each and everyone should appreciate and the intiative is obviously paying off. Students were studying on a free scholarship base to prove that the school with the main mission to prove that the school would contribute to our music and people have got to know what our students are doing amazing things,” Muligande said.

“so they need to start paying school fees to recognize its contributions,” he added.

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