841 People convicted of corruption crimes over the last three fiscal years

Rwanda prosecution informs that over 643 cases, from 2013-2014 fiscal year, are up to date tried , in which 841people were convicted of corruption and public funds embezzlement equivalent to three billion three hundred eighty-six million three hundred eighty –three thousand seven hundred sixty- one Rwandan francs (3.386. 383.761 frw).

According to the figures from the prosecutor in charge of crimes against public funds misuse and embezzlement, Jean Marie Vianney Nyirurugo in a meeting that brought together Kigali City Officials with local government authorities. The 2014/2015 fiscal year report shows that there have been a rise in a number of people convicted of related crimes than in any other year.

According to the 2013/2014 report, there were 76 cases in which 183 people were accused of corruption estimated at around one billion seven hundred twenty-one million two hundred seventy four thousand two hundred eight four Rwandan francs ( 1. 721. 274. 284 frw) subsequently in 2014/2015, 388 cases in which 439 were accused of having received the amount of (925, 442,337 frw) have been tried while in 2015/2016 there were 179 cases in which 219 people were accused of bribery with the amount equivalent to (739, 667,140 frw)

The figures further shows a rise in bribery of 0.5 in 2010 to 5% in 2016.

Nyirurugo stated that the challenges faced in fighting corruption include access to and information delivery, adding there are cases in which the auditor general identifies such issue and no action are taken immediately, and this would result into obliteration of evidences concealment, and denial to the access of financial reports in audition period.

Marie Maculée Ingabire, the director of Transparency International Rwanda said that the non-eradication of corruption is mostly due to the access to information.

She continued to say that that Rwandans should embrace the culture of being loyal most especially the internal auditors of various institutions ought not protect people in question against disclosure of right information concerning the audition.The culture of bad service delivery maybe the main cause of corruption where the service provider feels they have to gain something in return for the provided quick service.

According to igihe.com, the report from Rwanda Governance Board indicates that Rwandans are satisfied by the service delivery by 67.7% while the figures were 71.1% in 2015.The National Umushikirano Council, in its decisions, also underlined the service delivery as the sector which needs to be enhanced.

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