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A big blame to multilanguage leaders in a single Speech and public

No matter to acquire as many languages as possible but the challenge occurs when you failed their management in use. In Rwanda many people includes role models like leaders, preachers tend to mix languages when they are addressing public.

Priest and professor Nyombayire Faustin, is a lecturer and director of University of technology and arts of Byumba blames anyone who can’t spend the whole speech in one language and those who do not realize the audience addressee to manage linguistic mixture.

“Actually a well educated person has to know whom who is addressing by knowing the language they are able to understand, because to tell people the language they don’t understand is like to address deaf”.

About leaders is an extraordinary case, “It is sorrowful especially for leaders and teachers, sometimes you get nothing from what they are saying…this is language and culture abuse as well; since language is milestone of culture”.

Addressers do not differentiate the public as Prof Nyombayire kept on saying in a conference with journalist while getting ready for annual harvesting ceremony ‘umuganura’.

“You must differentiate the speech to university operators from the one local citizens. If you preffer telling for instance English or French, do not mix until you finish and when you are addressing citizens make sure everyone is understanding your language.

Théogène U @bwiza.com

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