A mouth watering debate rises in Kigali as men urged to be circumcised

Kigali residents have cleared out their attitudes for and against the idea male circumcision campaign which is taking place in entire country.

People for this campaign say it is very good idea getting circumcised for it maintain hygiene

“It provides hygiene and it protects someone to get transmission diseases during sexual intercourse” one said

Their opposers claim it is of no use getting circumcised for it is different to Lord given nature

“There is no need for that, that it is the way we have born” one of them compromised

Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC), one of the institutions in charge of circumcision Campaign says only youths have been showing interest in this program contrary to the grown-ups who remained laggards for their believe it causes so much pain.

RBC officer in charge, Aliette Nikokeza believe this campaign this will be successful through partnership with both hospitals and health centers by emphasizing the behavior change.

“We are working hands in hands with hospitals and health centers to integrate this issue to mobilize men and women”

“It should be added to the other package of services that people are looking for” he added

The recent survey conducted by RBC shows only 30 percent of male in Rwanda are circumcised.

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