Belgium: MICT agents miss the target on Kabuga at Waterloo

The hopes of ending Rwandan billionaire Felicien Kabuga’s fate could be a gone dream as they missed a target  at the funeral ceremony of his wife, during which they expected him to attend  in Waterloo, Belgium. understands that on February 10th, 2017, Friday evening, the house of Kabuga’s family located at Waterloo was under tight supervision by the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals (MICT)’s security forces led by Michel Stassin who is currently in charge of the pending criminal cases left the International Court of  Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) when it closed its judiciary actvities back in December 2015.

Arriving at Kabuga’s family house, some security forces broke into the house and started to check in every corner of the house to see if they can find him,  while other stayed outside where Stassin started to ask the relatives where Kabuga might be, assuring them that nothing wrong would happen to him if he delivers himself.  also understands that the security forces broke into Kabuga’s house after they got the news that Kabuga might be there, disguised as a woman, but, as a result, they missed his whereabouts and found a different woman who came for the funeral.

After miss the target on Kabuga at the funeral scene, it is said that the security group continued their checking at the house of Kabuga’s daughter, but hunt was still in vain.

Felicien Kabuga is alleged to be a serial Tutsi Genocide suspect,  and is on the most ‘WANTED’ list of less than 10 men  who are still wanted after making a big impact in the killings of Tutsi victims during the 1994 Genocide.

He is the hate media channel RTLM co-founder which has been one of the most influential tools used in mobilising people to participate in Genocide whict cost about million Tutsis in the process.

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