Belgium: Rwandan Girl murdered by her boyfriend

32- year-old Benjamin Benjmin J. was is in custody after he was arrested to have allegedly killed a 33-year-old Rwandan girlfriend known as Joselyne Ingabire where he hit her on her head which resulted to death having lasted hours suffering internal bleeding.

the couple’s friends have been admiring their love when they officially declared to be fiances back in March last year via social networks, but their love break up has shocked them, especially their friends living in Wallon, since they heard of Benjamin’s mad act of murder on his girlfriend Joselyne.

According to, a belgian online medium, the murder scene took place at New Grand Park complex located on Noordhinder Street in Zeebrugge where the couple were living together in the same house like husband and wife.

it is said that the scenes took place while the couple were excessively drunk and Benjamin hit his girlfriend.

he immediately got scared by what he did and started to call for emergency help but it was too late to save Ingabire’s life because she was bleeding and died few minutes later.

the police immediately arrested Benjamin J. and took him in custody. the investigations on Ingabire’s murder are ongoing as the Belgian prosecution is yet to reveal anything about the murder.

the couple’s friends have testified that Benjamin and Inngabire used to show bad tempers at one another where tha police would come to their stay to calm down the fights between them, even emergency ambulances would go there often.

their neigbors also said that sometimes they would not be comfortable with such noise the couple were making following back-to-back fights which were shaping the couple’s nights, but something that appeared sometimes confusing was the way they were looking friendly, holding each other’s hand during the day as if nothing bad was happening in the night. but their love ended in a nightmare last Friday.

it is reported that Benjamin will wait for the prosecution’s decision until Tuesday, to know whether he will be attending the court while in or out of jail.

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