Big fishes’ cattle grazing in Gabiro military camp are untouchable, say residents

Gatsibo district residents claim individual in power cattle’ still have been freely grazing in Gabiro military camp contrary to the punishments established by local authorities.

Rwimbogo residents say the impunity is due to power prominence of certain individuals and even the family relationship based favoritism.

“The reason is that there is favoritism and sometimes power prominence. Some do not even understand after being punished, I think there is a need of central government intervention” one of them told RBA

Gatsibo district council has come up with other means to fight against cattle grazing in Gabiro military zone such as auctioning and even facing law in a court

The Council representative Mr. Cyprien Rukemanganizi says the authorities had to introduce new punishments because current punishments were neglected by farmers.

“The council has decided to establish new punishments to solve this problem properly. They shall deeply understand this issue”. He mentions

Rwimbogo farmer says these are serious measures yet it highly concerns people with power yet it should relate to everybody who grazes their cattle there.

“So many measures were taken but in vain, some cattle were arrested leaving others there”another one adds

It is alleged that average of 1,000-1,500 cows per month were arrested grazing in Gabiro military

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