Bukavu: Colonel Abbas Kayonga in hands of MONUSCO, after his suspension

The boss of anti-fraud unit in mining, Colonel Abbas Kayonga (Munyamulenge) was suspended on Thursday, 2 November. Three days later, police officers were deployed to his home and fire was opened in Nguba and Muhumba Sunday morning. Kayonga subsequently surrendered to MONUSCO, which handed him over to Congolese justice.

In a statement this Sunday, November 5th, the governor of South Kivu, Claude Nyamugabo, calls on its population “to remain calm and to go about freely with his occupations”. He assured that the insurgent and his men are at a standstill, “pending their trial which will begin shortly.”

“(…) He [Abbas Kayonga] was handed over by MONUSCO to the Congolese justice system, accompanied by 16 of his men. We assure the whole population that justice will do its job and severely punish the guilty, “said Claude Nyamugabo.

The governor blasted the actions of Mr. Kayonga and his accomplices – after his suspension from the head of the anti-fraud service “for serious misconduct” – by disturbing public order in the city of Bukavu Sunday morning.

It was all because police officers were sent to Abbas Kayonga’s residence to identify the armed persons around his house and to check the origin of the weapons that these men held. An exchange of shots followed.

“Abbas Kayonga has decided to react in this way unspeakable for a Congolese citizen, who moreover, is a cadre of the public administration,” said Claude Nyamugabo.

He emphasizes that these are “isolated acts that never involve the peaceful Banyamulenge community”, of which both belong (the Colonel and the Governor).

Civil society also accuses him of fraud

The decision to suspend Abbas Kayonga was announced Thursday, November 2nd , he is accused of “serious breach in the performance of his duties” without further clarification.

A few hours after the announcement, the civil society coordination office says it welcomes the decision.

In a message circulating on social networks and signed by its president, Patient Bashombe, informs that he who fought against mining fraud was himself caught in the fraud, the day before his dismissal, Wednesday, November 1st.

“The Civil Society Coordination Office of South Kivu is delighted by the dismissal of Mr Abbas Kayonga from the Anti-Fraud Unit in South Kivu. Yesterday Wednesday night , around 7.00 pm, he would have been surprised crossing to  Rwanda, lorries

tourmaline. He would have resisted the agents of the DGDA up to trying fight. Fortunately he has been managed […] “, says the message of Patient Bashombe.

Abbas Kayonga is known in Bukavu and South Kivu as coordinator of the cell against mining fraud, but his service has extended to all products. He was particularly famous in the repression of the fraudulent import of Amstel beer from Burundi. In his way of work, he was protected by the former governor Marcellin Cishambo( revoked in July 2017), according to the civil society.

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