Burera local leaders told to champion rights of children

Local leaders in Burera District have been urged to put more efforts in promoting and protecting the rights of children.

Jeanette Iyakaremye, who is in charge of gender and family promotion in Burera made the call recently during a meeting that was also attended by the District Community Liaison Officer, Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Phelin Nshimiyumukiza.

The meeting brought together local leaders of Bungwe, Cyanika, Kivuye, Butaro, Kinyababa, Kagogo, Kinoni and Rugarama sectors.

Iyakaremye called for collective efforts in safeguarding children’s rights.

“Some parents and guardians are frequently causing their children to feel frightened or in danger through corporal punishments and constantly exposing them to domestic violence,” Iyakaremye said.

“This kind of ill treatment especially from parents and guardians has ill-effects on the children and at times instills bad characters in them, making them violent people as they grow up,” she observed.

“We as leaders, must take the lead in sensitizing the public on children’s rights, be an eye for them and work with police to set  precedent .”

AIP Nshimyumukiza urged local leaders to sensitize parents to keep their children away from alcohol and drug influences, and also teach them about the contemporary challenges like human trafficking and prostitution, so that they resist being exploited by evil minded people.

“As Rwandans, we should all be guided by virtues of patriotism, which also requires us to protect the vulnerable people who are susceptible to violence and crime,” said AIP Nshimiyumukiza.

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