Burera: Psychotropic substances destroyed in fighting drugs operation

Police in Burera District on Sunday destroyed scores of narcotic drugs seized in different operation conducted in the district.

The destroyed illicit gin worth over Rwf6 million included 2135 liters of Blue Sky, 1080 liters of Kanyanga and 49 dozens of Coffee Spirit.

Others are 15 cartons of Leaving Waragi, 10 boxes of African Gin, six dozen of Chase Vodka, two dozens of Suzie, 228 dozens of Host Waragi, 109 dozens of Kitoko Waragi, and 68 dozens of Chief Waragi.

The destruction activity was presided over by the District Mayor Florence Uwambajemariya flanked by the District Police Commander (DPC), Supt. Alex Fata and attended by hundreds of residents of Cyanika Sector.

The activity was part of the Rwanda National Police’s campaigns to fight and prevent trafficking and abuse of drugs.

Speaking to the crowd after disposing off the drugs, Mayor Uwambajemariya hailed the good work done by the police and the residents in fighting drug abuse and trafficking.

She noted that by fighting narcotics, they will also combating unwanted pregnancies, school drop-outs, imprisonment which also affects family production and development, among others.

She urged residents in the district to embrace the culture of working closely with Police through information sharing to ensure criminals are brought to book.

Supt. Fata warned all those involved in such malpractices that police will not relent its efforts against such criminal activities. He further thanked local leaders and members of the public who collaborate with police in arresting consumers and traffickers of narcotic drugs.

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