Burundi: Food shipment blocked and turned back to Rwanda

The U.N.’s World Food Program says a convoy of food aid blocked from entering Burundi has returned to Rwanda, Washington post reports.

Peter Smerdon, a WFP official in East Africa, said this Wednesday that authorities in Burundi prevented the convoy from entering the country because of “security issues.”

He said the food was a regular shipment of WFP aid from Rwanda into Burundi, where it would have fed about 112,000 people, where more than half of population are chronically malnourished.

The convoy of 10 trucks contained about 500 tones of beans and maize, was forced to turn back and suggested to pass by Kobero Tanzania, with extra cost of 35.000 dollars.

WFP officials say it is a loss for beneficiaries, as northern corridor is blocked, while supply mostly come from Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

OP1 Pierre Nkurikiye, says they decided so, as Rwanda accommodates Burundian apprehended criminals.

The East African country has seen almost two years of deadly political violence over President Pierre Nkurunziza’s stay in power. More than 80.000 burundians fled to Rwanda, the main reason for the convoy back.

Rwanda and Burundi have seen a rise in tensions, with Burundi’s government claiming that rebel forces have been trained and armed in Rwanda. Rwanda denies the allegations.

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