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Burundi in fresh theft accusations on Rwanda

After theft scenes at COOPEC located in Gitega Province, Burundi, as FBu 66 million was stolen, and Burundian Police body is accusing the Government of Rwanda of being behind such theft actions in their country.

OP1 Pierre Nkurikiye, the Burundian police spokesperson said this following the arrest of two Rwandans, suspected to be in connection with the stolen money, where one was caught with over FBu 10 million and another with FBu 4 million.

Nkurikiye told IGIHE/Burundi that these robbers are reported to be working with rebels who were trying to shake Burundian political rule and went on to refuge in Rwanda, the country which he accuses to support these rebels.

He also said that the drugs used by the security staff of COOPEC come from Rwanda.

On Friday night, February 17th 2017, a Chinese health centre located in Gitega, Burundi, also faced such theft scenes.

The Burundian police in Gitega claim that Eur 2000, $ 5000, and 4 million Chinese francs were stolen in ther process. the gang also stole mobile phones and Personal computers from these chinese doctors.

Not a new trend for Burundi claims onto Rwanda

Since April 2015, Burundi continued to accuse the government of Rwanda to be behind back to back political conflicts and attacks exercised on Burundi.

However, the government of Rwanda denied the claims where different authorities were saying that they have no connection with Burundian business, that they can have no interests from causing insecurity of their neighboring country.

In the night of November 29th 2016, Willy Nyamitwe, who is in  Charge of Media at Burundian Presidency, as well as President Nkurunziza’s spokesperson, was almost killed by a gang of armed people.

Few hours later, Pierre Nkurikiye told BBC that nobody is behind Nyamitwe’s attack except Rwanda and went on taking the same message to his Twitter account.

Nyamitwe also added the same to Nkurikiye’s statement saying that those who attempted to kill him were coming from Rwanda and took to his Twitter handle ,” on this October 28, the same month, day after day, on which i survived when i was nearly killed, investigations showed that those wrong doers are from Rwanda”

Nyamitwe added that,” Pacifique Ninahazwe’s brother is trying to change my statement, i said that Rwanda did not want to shoot me in a clear manner, it was done by some of Burundians trained in Rwanda”

To dismiss such claims, Lt Col Ngandahimana, the RDF spokesperson, said,” what i can tell you is that those claims are not true becuse, first, we knew that Willy Nyamitwe must have been attacked in the wake of the night like you heard from different media reports. So, Burundian claims about those who go for killing attempts that they might be in connection with the government of Rwanda, would not be so amazing and are rumors rather than a true story’

At the moment, the cooperation between both countries, Rwanda-Burundi, is not at its bestsince 2015, when CNDD FDD provided Pierre Nkurunziza to represent their political side at presidential elections, the candidate who brought misunderstandings between different Burundian citizens, giving the rise of back to back strikes, which Burundi accuses Rwanda to be responsible for.

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