Burundi Military denies involvement in latest attacks on Rwandan soil

Burundi Military Forces have released a statement on latest attacks exercised on Rwandan soil, leaving two dead in the process.

The statement was released a day after the Ministry of Defence in Rwanda reported that gunmen touched on Rwandan soil and killed two before they escaped back to Burundi.

In a statement released by Burundian Ministry of Defence on March 17th, 2017, through their Twitter Timeline, where Col. Gaspard Baratuza said that nobody from either current or retired from Durundi National Defense has crossed Burundi-Rwanda border when the incident happened.

He said, ” Reference to the statement recently released by Rwanda Defense Forces that a gang of armed men who killed people in Rwanda escaped in Burundi, we would like to announce that on at both national and international level that no rebel has been found crossing Rwanda-Burundi border”

He added that the Government will never let criminals or anybody else trying to shake the foreign country’s security and provide them escape”

This was also done in response to the recent statement released by Rwandan Military side on March 12th, 2017 , mentioning that ” in Rusizi District, Bugarama Sector, Ryankana cell, Kabuga village, unidentified armed group attacked and killed two civilians and wounded one and withdrew to Burundi as the incident took place near the border with Burundi”.

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