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More buses on the way to boost transport

After the parliament confirmed to replace ONATRACOM with Rwanda Interlink Transport Company Limited (RITCO Ltd) back in the wake of 2016, the latter transport company is in process of importing new buses to boost smart transport in the country.

According to Col Dodo Twahirwa, the Rwanda Federation of Transport Cooperative (RFTC) confirmed the news, saying 50 big buses have already arrived at Dar Es Salaam Port, Tanzania and ready to be imported and start the job at the beginning of February 2017.

The new buses are being taken from China, and will be imported in phases as the first 20 are arriving in Kigali in two or three days come and the other phase will be imported by next month (February).

The buses are expected to work as soon as they land in Kigali coming two weeks while Rwanda Utility Regulatory Authority (RURA) is designing respective streets across which the buses will be using.

Meanwhile, since RITCO Ltd is overtaking ONATRACOM’s transport activities, the company’s buses will not be used to fill the latter’s transport terminals, but to also address passengers’ challenges against transport strategies, like long queues and waits on the bus terminals for the ride.

“We don’t plan to only focus on previous ONATRACOM’s bus destinations but elsewhere to increase from the marginal number of 160 buses, or more as days will be counting,” says , Dr Alexis Nzahabwanimana, the State Minister in charge of Transport at the Ministry of Infrastructure


The company’s bus lift capacity varies between 57 and 67 passengers in each bus.

It is reported that RITCO Ltd is owned by both the government at 52 per cent and the rest, 48 per cent of the shares, goes to RFTC who are managing this transportation company, which is desperate to import 168 buses in the process.

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