Catholic Church reviles priest Nahimana Thomas amidst returning for presidential bid

The Catholic Church in Rwanda has renounced the return of former priest who shifted to political life, Thomas Nahimana. After revealing his zeal to vie for 2017 presidential post, critics surge over his earlier speeches while others accuse him to be genocide denier.

Within more than a decade, Nahimana has been in exiled in French after leaving his native and working place at Cyangugu Diocese in Western province and his pending return scheduled on Wednesday, 23 November 2016.

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Referring to Nahimana, the head of episcopal council of Rwanda Bishop Philippe Rukamba told KT Press that Thomas is no longer among the priests. “We expelled him from Cyangungu Diocese. He is no longer our priest and operates independently where he lives in exile.”

Nahimana has lived in Le Havre, France since Rwanda’s historical episode of violence, and became a Catholic priest in 1999. Explaining why it had disowned Nahimana, Rukamba made reference to the fact the Catholic Church distances itself from several of its priests accused of genocide crimes.

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Nahimana is accused of having published articles containing ethnic propaganda and criticising the current government through his online news platform Le Profete.fr.

Speaking during a press conference on 17 November in Brussels, Belgium, Nahimana confirmed his intentions to return to his homeland from France where he has been living. He is expected to land at Kigali tomorrow afternoon.

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