CNLG urges youth to fight against genocide ideology

The National commission for the Fight against the Genocide (CNLG) visited some schools in Kirehe District in the Eastern Province and Gicumbi District in the Northern province to sensitize the youth on fighting the genocide ideology.

Mrs. Benoite Ayinkamiye and Mr. Clever Gatabazi, officers of the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide visited particularly GS Musaza in Musaza Sector, GS Nyabigega in Kirehe Sector, GS Cyambwe in Nasho   Sector as well as GS Paysannas D in Mahama Sector to sensitize.

After explaining what   genocide is, these CNLG officers explained to the young people the different stages of preparation and execution of genocide. They have also explained how the genocide ideology manifests itself in Rwanda and in Kirehe District in particular.


They recommended these young people to fight against the genocide ideology and against any form of divisionism that hamper the development of the country. They asked the various authorities of these schools to set up clubs that would allow students to discuss regularly on genocide ideology and on strategies to fight against it.

Likewise, in Gicumbi District, at the TTC Byumba school, in collaboration with the group “Imboni” of the University of Rwanda, 764 students accompanied by their teachers, attended a meeting on the fight against genocide ideology. As guest of honor, the Vice Mayor in charge of Social Affairs in the District of Gicumbi was also present for this activity.

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