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Corruption in Rwanda showed a dramatic rise up to 24.4 % in 2016  

Transparency International Rwanda says there should be taken tangible remedies against corruption and find a durable solution to it as cases related to it shows a big rise in Rwandan communities.

During a panel discussion with members of parliament and Security organs held at the parliament house on Friday, February 17th, where they discussed possible ways to jointly fight this issue, TI_Rwanda’s report raised some concerns over the case of corruption which rose at 6.9 per cent in a year, from 17.5 per cent in 2015 to 24.4 in 2016.

Different members of parliament re-evaluated different tricks and techniques used in giving and receiving corruption, where many of them pointed at specific sectors where this issue is most found.

Deputy Juvenal Nkusi who also heads the commission monitoring the government budget planning has pointed at both private and public procurement as one of sectors to be questioned to be the ground of corruption, suggesting that more efforts should be added in this sector to fight this scandalous moral disease.

Different ways to give and receive corruption were revealed, including paying using mobile banking, those who make corrupted deals abroad and those who favor foreign companies during procurement process.

In the meeting, different members of parliament discussed some solutions to be taken to reduce, or permanently, if possible, clear out this issue, where they suggested providing different lessons to the country’s community about cultural habits and taboos.

Hon Mukabalisa the Deputy Chamber President, said, “We need to join hands and fight this issue at all costs and every Rwandan’s part is needed to address corruption”

The report presented to the members of parliament shows that Rwanda comes 3rd and 54th among the least corrupted countries in Africa and worldwide, respectively.

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