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Deportation of asylum seekers to Rwanda or Uganda reveals Israel’s racist face- African Jews

The deportations of the immigrants almost all African Jews -are creating a religious controversy in Israel, in addition to an outcry from international rights groups.

Teklit Michael, who went to Israel a decade ago, has been trying unsuccessfully to win refugee status since then.

“For the last 10 years, I have had lots of rage,” he told US magazine The Atlantic recently. “In the beginning, you cannot imagine that you would get this kind of treatment in Israel. In time, you … understand this basic rationale of discrimination based on skin color.”

The treatment is similar to what many Palestinians say they have been facing for years, denouncing Israel as an apartheid regime,presstv has learnt

Hannah Gerson, a 22-year-old from Cardiff, Wales, has been visiting Israel since she was a little girl. She said her Israeli neighbors in south Tel Aviv, where Mizrachi migrant families live, ask if she’s scared to walk alone at night, saying they’re wary of “the black faces.”

It is alleged that  Israel plans to deport 38,000 African asylum-seekers in the occupied Palestinian territories.

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