Divisionism is not conducive to development-Amb. Kayonga

An interview of Charles Kayonga to Global Times, turned factors of Rwanda’s development while freshly from genocide against Tutsi in 1994. The Rwandan Ambassader to China emphasized yesterday on “Leadership and stability, as divisionism is never conducive to it”.

China and Rwanda have been engaged in close economic and trade partnership for more than two decades. But Global Times’s reporter wants know the way on, for the two countries to overcome potential obstacles in their relationship, and Rwandan secret towards quick progress regardless of post-genocides threats.

According to Amb. Kayonga, the cooperation Rwanda-China is based on the mutual understandings in sustainable development and independence, as both ruling parties, the CCP and RPF are founded on people-centered political philosophy.

About progress, Amb. Kayonga raises leadership. “Without progressive leadership that understands the conditions of the country and sets the vision, we cannot have anything. Since 1994, we have a government that focuses on development. So leadership is very important”, Kayonga says.

Stability is also meant, and is acquired via political philosophy. “In the past, the government in Rwanda followed an ideology that divided people, which is not conducive to development. The current government’s philosophy is unity and reconstruction”, Kayonga adds, concluding that “Leadership and stability are the two most important factors for Rwanda’s development”.

On cooperation results, Chinese companies in Rwanda are involved in infrastructure projects like roads and buildings, in public services where there are two hospitals built by China, irrigation. In industrial development, Chinese are encouraged to come and invest in “made in Rwanda” strategy, to make Rwandan products, while in the education, China provides scholarships for Rwandan students studying in China, and helps in building vocational schools in Rwanda.

On last occasion, while Kagame was in Chine, he talked with his chinese
counterpart about tourism. “The good thing is China has identified Rwanda as one of the preferred destinations for Chinese tourists. What we are doing in Rwanda is to improve the tourism sector”.

China-Rwanda cooperation is bright because it is based on fundamental values, mutual trust, respects and win-win partnership.  And, according to Amb. Kayonga, “Such relationship is not biased or hypocritical, and has lasted for quite a long time”. Mutual support and cooperation should go on, as relationship is based on the politics of unity, independence and sustainable development.

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