Dr Frank Habineza, Mwenedata knocking NEC’s doors for presidential candidacy submission

Candidate aspirants Gilbert Mwenedata and Democratic Green Party representative Dr Frank Habineza  are today, June 12, 2017, set to submit their candidacy to the National Electoral Commission’s headquarters, Kimihurura, as hunger for presidential spot increases. In an interview Bwiza.com had with these candidate aspirants, some claimed they already fulfilled the requirements and already got the required signatures among the communities while others are still waiting.

Gilbert Mwenedata is reportedly to have faced some challenges while searching for the needed signatures in the communities, but says he finally has to submit the required dossier to the electoral body, along with his candidacy, at the NEC headquarters today.

He said, “We concluded the signature search process between Wednesday and Thursday, we are filing the candidacy today at 10 morning, should nothing change on the schedule”.

Concerning the upcoming presidential polls, Mwenedata said he is ready for the race and feels confident of winning the polls but admits he would also be happy with his contribution to the country’s democracy, even if he loses the polls.

He also said the challenges he faced during the signatures collection from the communities did not discourage him, because he managed to deal with them until he achieved his target mission.

Philippe Mpayimana, another president aspirant, is reportedly yet to reach the number of signatures required, as he is yet to reach three remaining districts to complete the process in time.

He said, “We still have 10 days of collecting signatures, the deadline is June 23rd, we faced a number of challenges because some of my correspondents in the districts are getting weak and being replaced as a result. There are too many things hard to explain until some try to disqualify their signatures. It’s so problematic”

“I have three remaining districts.  My correspondents are getting weak, and it applies the same to even those who replaced them, which means that I will be required to go there on my own”

If he collects the signatures from the three remaining districts, Mpayimana declared himself that he will immediately file his candidacy to the NEC.

On the other hand, the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda have officially confirmed that Dr Frank Habineza will represent the political side at the upcoming presidential polls and he is set to file his candidacy at the electoral body today, as well.

We tried to reach  Diane Shima Rwigara, for the updates but her phone was offline.

The self proclaimed president candidates aspirants who will be joining RPF’s Paul Kagame, who already got the support from two more powerful political parties PL and PSD, having announced that they will not have any party member to represent their respective parties in the process.

The   National Electoral Commission (NEC) expects to receive candidacy for the candidates aspirants today, as it remains strict to receiving the candidacy for only those who have complete requirements to join the race for presidential polls which are set to conclude by August 4th, the official day for presidential election polls.

The candidacy is submitted by only the candidate aspirant and gets the proof that s/he has filed it, before the electoral commission start checking in whether the dossier matches the requirements.

The deadline for the candidacy submission is June 23rd, before NEC announces those who filed the candidacy on June 27th before the final list of 2017 candidates is announced on July 7th, nearly a month before the presidential elections are held.

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