DRC: 15 rebels of Rwandan origin detained in M23

The Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) have announced that they killed opposition rebel M23’s rebels, while 20 more, including 15 of Rwandan origin, have been detained by the national Defense Army during recent battles between the two sides held since January 27th, 2017.

According to Leon Mushale, the commanding Officer of FARDC’s Zone 3, the detained rebels have been taken to the local civil authorities of Goma on Wednesday March 1st, 2017.

.Gen. Mushale told Radio Okapi that the Congolese National Army’s ongoing hunt for M23 rebels were recently held in two country’s regions.

He said “the first region was between Mikeno and Kalisimbi Mountains, while the other region where the hunting attacks were held between Ugandan border and Sabyinyo Mountain seeing 20 M23 rebels killed and 25 were arrested in a sudden attack, we were lucky to catch them with different equipment”

Radio Okapi reports that, besides the 15 Rwandan rebels arrested, 10 more are of Congolese origin.

Gen.Mushale added that during the attacks, a number of M23 rebels escaped in both Uganda and Rwanda, raising more worries that there could be strongholds for M23 in these foreign countries but insists that FARDC will no longer let any more attack happen to the Congolese soil.

Since the day I am sayin this, M23 rebels have escaped to Rwanda and Uganda, and both governments have confirmed that they have really escaped into their countries. We need to be vigilant and always be ready to fight the enemy because, though the rebels have escaped, they are still around to cause trouble any time. we should focus on their way back to our country and beat them completely once they tempt to attack us,”

He said that he believes both Rwanda and Uganda will take the M23 rebels who escaped in both countries back to Congo.

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