DRC: Katumbi gets back his car, what’s next?


Virginika, a company of Moise Katumbi’s family, has received back the car, taken by Katanga Province leaders. The car was kept since July 2016, and was handed in this Tuesday. Jeune Afrique wonders if this is the beginning ending troubles to the main exiling opponent of Kabila.

“Katumbi was said to steal the government car, now 8 months later, the truth is out, it was a pure lie”, said a closer friend to Katumbi. The car plate number 15382AK/05 was said belonging to the Government of DRC, local police made quick investigation and found is Katumbi’s.

On October 24th 2016, police officials reported the case to the Jean Claude Kazembe, the Governer, who waited almost two months to respond. On January 13th, he told the police to free the car as it belongings to Katumbi’s company, Virginika.

Katumbi case to become clear?

This could be the beginning of rending light on Katumbi’s case, as the ad hoc commission has also gone at Lubumbashi, to collect data on Katumbi. The report is coming soon.

In December 2014, Katumbi was the 1st to oppose Kabila’s decision to run for the 3rd term, called “3rd wrong penalty”. Since then, the former Governor became a serious opponent to Kabila’s regime, himself thirsty of power.

Since June 2015, he is alleged of corruption, fraudulent and embezzlement and support to terrorism. In May 2016, he left the country, after accusations against national sovereignty, and now lives in asylum in Europa. Katumbi worries, “they will next take my dogs”.

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Jean Baptiste Karegeya

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