Eastern Province: Governor calls for effectiveness of neighborhood watch

The Governor of the Eastern Province, Judith Kazayire has said that the concept of neighborhood watch was developed as an ideal for social cohesion, which should be owned and implemented by everyone. The concept consists of caring on what happen in the whole vicinity.

This Wednesday, the Governor is addressing to about 2500 residents of Jarama Sector, in Ngoma district. Jarama is located in farther south of Ngoma, around Rweru lake, boardering with Burundi.

“When your neighbor is facing security challenges, harboring a criminal or involved in unlawful acts, consider it your responsibility to report such families. The unlawful activities in your neighbor’s house can be a security issue in the whole community,” the Governor says.

“If one person is selling narcotic drugs and distilling psychotropic substances, users will be a menace and a threat to the entire society, and fighting and preventing this is your responsibility.”

She urged them to fight corruption, report leaders who abuse office and other injustices that are either left unreported or attended to by responsible leaders.

The District Police Commander, SSP Janvier Mutaganda, outlined drug related crimes, theft; domestic and gender based violence, child abuse and sexual abuse as some of the common crimes in Ngoma, which should be given attention to fight them.

With Kirehe District, neighboring Ngoma and considered a major transit route for cannabis, Ngoma is viewed as the transit line to other parts of the region and Kigali.

The DPC, who commended the residents for the existing partnership in identifying the routes and reporting dealers, urged them to double the effort to make it impossible for the traffickers to carry out their criminal activities.

On Tuesday, residents of Mutenderi sector also in Ngoma reported a ring of drug traffickers, who were arrested the following day in Rwamagana District, where at least 300kgs of cannabis were recovered and four suspected traffickers arrested.

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