Eastern Province: Woman with disability provides job opportunities

A woman living with disability in Ngoma district is actively participating in national economic growth. Physically impaired since 1994, Janviere is making her life better, and provides jobs to number of people.

She’s 23 years in disability, but never get hopeless. She lives in Kibungo sector, always in bed due to   paralyzed body, but with safe head. Only her left arm and her head are fit, though she thinks well. She makes projects, until se employs around 20 people in her activities.disabled-janviere

In her testimony, she says disability is never linked to poverty and begging over inactivity. However, she lost hopes at the beginning, and later on thought further. “Realizing my disability is permanent, I made a project of a Hairdressing salon. I got a loan from Bank, and started”, she declares to Umuseke.com.

“I thought I couldn’t be a burden for relatives, I hopefully decided to employ other to work for me, and life goes on, begging is not an ultimate solution”, she adds.

For the time being, she is responsible of a big family, who cares of her cleanliness. She is always in bed, managing her projects via phone. She only leaves home for bank issues.

Gashugi Uwumukiza Janviere (her full name) has a compound of houses, where she lives and works, located in Kibungo sector of Ngoma, Eastern Province. She is planning owning a car for her movements to Bank or Hospital, as she rents one today. Her message to fellow people living with disability is to change mind and think of living of their own work, without begging.


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