Easy border crossing at Cyanika not contribute to smuggling upsurge

Since crossing borders of Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya by the nations’ identity initiated in 2014, easy borders crossing helps to integrate in regional business as the use of national identity cards and other agreed national documents came into force since then.

Cyanika cross border links Rwanda and Uganda, located in Nothern province in Burera district. The officials said however both citizens cross border as they want, no increase of smuggling exploits as also measures to preserve security put into consideration.

Cyanika cross border officials say easy pass through the use of national identity and other official identification help to increase cooperation between the two countries as the traffic rise to 3000-3500 people who enter and exit a day.

While commenting on smuggling state since the new regional border crossing status came into force, Mukwiye james in charge of Cyanika said that easy border crossing does not contribute to smuggling upsurge as the measures highlighted to prohibit wrongdoers from cashing in on the occasion.

“Since the ID initiative meant to facilitate free movement of people within the region initiated, people benefitted from it through easy and quick services… about smuggling upsurge, I think it never happened as also security put into consideration. Smugglers and drug trafficker may prefer shortcut than using proper border.” Mukwiye James said.

The nearby residents disclose their pleasure to integrate in border crossing business at ease.


Nyiratora Justine benefits from ID initiative as travel document

Nyiratora Justine, a Rwandan working as a cross border shoes vendor between Rwanda and Uganda commends government for the initiative to easy cooperation with neighbouring country.

“Actually it required travel visa but now identity has become a travel document between the two countries. Everything is easy for me who daily operate my business in Uganda and return to Rwanda.” Nyiratora Justine stated.

In spite of benefits of the project, Nyiratora went on saying that they are still facing time wastage at Cyanika border when waiting for the taxes payment process; the issue weighed on by Mukwiye James described it as the corollary of poor infrastructures.

Cyanika border operates around fifteen hours a day, from 5 AM till 8 PM.

The ID initiative project implemented under a tripartite arrangement agreed upon during a summit between the three Heads of State (Rwanda-Uganda-kenya) held in Uganda in June,2013. The leaders of the three countries agreed to establish a single tourist visa, a single customs territory as well as fast track a joint railway line project, oil pipeline, and adopt national identity cards as travel documents.

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