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Father Nahimana slams Brussels Airlines over blocking his return to Kigali

France-based Rwandan political opponent Father Thomas Nahimana has criticized Belgian airline company, Brussels Airlines for blocking his flight ahead of his return to Kigali after spending a twelve-year exile in France since 2005.

Nahimana, who has shown the desire of returning to his home country, Rwanda, which led to two failed attempts during the last two months, says that President Paul Kagame could be behind his journey suspension.

His first attempt to fly to Kigali failed in November when his journey ended in Nairobi while the second flight suspension incident happened on Monday when he was supposed to leave Brussels in the airline plane called SN 0471, accompanied by one of his party’s members, Nadine Claire Kasinge as he wants to register his political party in Rwanda to force a chance to contest in 2017 President elections set for August 2017.

He said that when the checkup was finalized at the airport check point, a letter from Rwanda Migration office, Kigali, arrived asking Brussels to suspend all flights against Nahimana’s intention to leave the airport for Kigali.

The letter arrived before he entered the airplane getting ready to fly in Brussels.

Father Nahimana admitted that he has two pass ports, one for Rwanda which is already expired and another from France which possesses a visa for touristic purposes in East African Community’s country members.

He said the order to block his journey to Kigali was issued by President Kagame himself according to La

While he expressed his frustrations, The Office of Immigration and Emigration released a statement welcoming Father Nahimana back to his home country but that he should come through legal process

A statement released by Yves Butera, the Communication personnel at the Migration office, stating that Nahimana applied for a visa that could allow him to come in Rwanda as a French citizen as his Rwandan passport was already expired, while reminding that, during a previous return attempt, he was using a touristic visa.

He added that Nahimana shopuld let the Migration office know that he has double nationality.

On the other hand, President Kagame, whom Nahimana accused to be behind his flight ban, has recently said that he doesn’t understand the reason why Ndatimana was blocked to come in Rwanda, saying that even if a person is under judiciary pursuit, he should be allowed to come to his country because it cannot interrupt their investigation and legal pursuit activities.

Father Nahimana continued to show an interest to reach a dream chance to lead Rwanda, and didn’t hesitate to announce that he has full support from other opposing political parties operating out of the country planning to found a new government in exile that will soon be challenging RPF’s current government.

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