Finally MINICOM bans slot machines gambling “Ibiryabarezi”

Ministry of trade and industries (MINICOM)  has temporally banned slot machines gambling nicknamed “Ibiryabarezi” referring to recent public’s claims that the machines operators, improperly lease children and they prohibited people from joining work.

In a signed announcement on 27/07/2016, MINICOM explains mismanagement as the core root of the closure and the complains of people about the slot machines.

The statement said, referring to order No 58/2011 on 31/12/2011 regarding lucky games, and referring to people’s recent claims from various place of the country about the machines,

The minister of trade and industries tells all Rwandans that lucky games using slot machines temporally banned in order to reform regulations.

It called all concerned institutions especially Rwanda national police to implement the decisions.

Théogène U


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