Former local government employees decry salary arrears delay

A number of former communes and districts employees raise complaints over a 12-year wait, or so, for their salary arrears which they are yet to get since 2006.

The employees facing this issue include sector councilors and executive secretaries and former district and commune’s employees.

Kayonza, Gakenke and Rulindo are among districts facing pressure from employees who have this issue, most of whom have worked in communes, which were 146, and were turned into 105 districts.

During the reforms in 2006, these districts were reduced to 30, and the reforms resulted to reducing a number of employees who were later dismissed.

Bwiza.com talked to former Kabarondo and Rukara Districts as well as parts of Cyarubare and Muhazi, now in Kayonza.

Eugenie Ufitikirezi was a secretary of former Rukara District. She was dismissed in 2005 but says she has not yet got her salary arrears.

She said, “During local government reforms, some of us were dismissed but were not given our salary and incentives arrears and yet we are tired of waiting for these arrears. They continued to waste our time during the arrears claims and we have no hope to be paid,”

James Gashayija Kakooza appears on the list that Bwiza.com holds its copy. He says that he and his fellows were working in former Kabarondo District, while he claims that they didn’t get their salary arrears yet, nor their incentives.

Meanwhile, former Muzo/Gakenke sector councilor, Gaspard Seburikoko, died 2012 before being paid his arrears. The same case goes for former Ndusu, Gatonde and Bukonya districts employees, which later formed Gakenke District.

Her bereaved wife has long been going to meet the district authorities for day after day pursuit of her deceased husband’s salary and incentive arrears, until she was asked to submit academic certificates her husband has pursued.

She, however, calls it injustice because she gave the district the account through which the husband’s salary passed, as well as where he was paying social security payments.

Some have been paid, the rest are getting paid soon

In-charge Kayonza District authorities say former districts employees have already been paid, and adds that they are in process of paying former communes employees, while, in Gakenke, there is a an advisory commission in charge of following up this issue to pay those who are yet to get paid.

Ronald Kiwanuka Musonera, Kayonza District Executive Secretary, says,” those who were formerly working for the districts before reforms, have been paid the first part days after handover ceremony, and it is three months since we paid the remaining part. The rest are former communes employees and we asked them to bring supporting documents. Then, we have not received any complaint from former districts employees but if there are, they can let us know”.

On the other hand, Deo Nzamwita, Gakenke District Mayor, says those who brought supporting documents have already been paid, and those who didn’t were not paid.

He says,” to those who worked communes, their documents have been burnt in the district offices during the Bacengezi(infiltrators) war. At the moment, the district advisory council decided to pay those employees under available documents so that the commission can look into them before paying them”.

He says that it requires attention, as some could come among former district employees, while they aren’t or were fired before or those who could claim the balance while they were already paid.

He also denies claims that those employees were required to bring academic diplomas because they did not have before, although some of them have got the letter asking them to bring their diplomas.

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