France and Catholic Church accused of protecting Genocidaires

A statement signed by different signatories like former France Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Minister, Bernard Kouchner among others pointing to Catholic Church and France’s crucial role in protecting different convicts suspected to have been involved in Genocide against Tutsi in 1994.

The statement signatories have emphasized that those who were involved in Genocide against Tutsi lives in Europe, with a big number being based in France and suggest that continuing to protect them should stop before the justice gets involved.

According to Le Monde, they add that although those who are hiding in Europe didn’t directly committed Genocide, they may not only have tortured victims, raping women or killing but they also prepared it form the very beginning, involving people in killing and put it into force.

They also make it clear that those who are hiding in Europe are the ones who started it all and said, “they are so many that arrest warrants should have been distributed wherever they are, or tough charges should have been handed to them by Rwandan Justice due to their involvement in 1994 Tutsi Genocide”

They also put Catholic Church in Voices, slamming it to keep protecting the Genocide perpetrators where signatories say,” it is 20 years on, and Catholic church is still protecting Genocidaires where it appeared hiding them and finding them a way to escape from justice, especially the churche urban parish leaders who even have power in France’s rural regions,”

They keep blaming France to be home to those who had been heavily involved in Genocide where the French justice showed no interest in taking them to court adding that French army has made a way for these suspects to escape after planning the evil project which cost the lives of a million of Tutsi or so. They really left the country in jeopardy.

To them, a strong collaboration between France and the ruling government during the period of Genocide resulted to making this tragedy happen as the French High Officials were giving instructions on how Genocide should be successfully done.

This culture of not taking suspects to court shocks Genocide survivors and remains a challenge to both Rwandan and European youths to prepare their future in the same environment, adding that injustice should not be tolerated but end as soon as possible.

“We want one simple thing: to stop the culture to keep tolerating to both Genocide perpetrators and those who supported them,” said the signatories.

They insist that ending the culture of not taking suspects to court should taught to the young generation to prepare the future of justice among people.

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