France: Robbers attack Rwandan priest Rutumbu Juvenal

A Rwandan born priest Rutumbu Juvenal, 62 in charge of Palaiseau Parish in France; harmly beaten and robbed in an attack raid by two disguised men on last Friday.

In his Sunday testimony, Juvenal explained the incident which he early thought to be Islamists raid.

“When those two gunmen with hood on their face entered, I thought they are from Islamists and I thought it was over. As you know everyone is still conscious about what happened at Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray where a priest was slaughtered in July.” He cleary explained his feeling throughout the attack.

He went on saying that their (Robber) mission was not killing but looting as reported by “By the time they told me, it is well known that you are rich; give us all the money you have, I thought I was at the time saved to life.”

Priest Rutumbu Juvenal hardly beaten and ordered to lay down as well as hitting his knees, then after they seized his watch and entered Pastoral Centre where his office located and they searched everything. They only got 150 Euros in the house.

After his doctorate in theology at the Catholic University of Louvain, Father Juvenal Rutumbu occupied the teacher responsibilities and vice-rector at the Major Seminary of Nyakibanda. After 1994, he continued his mission in France where he was a teacher and curate of the cathedral of Evry. He is currently Dean of the pastoral sector of Palaiseau.

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