Gacaca documents to be fully digitalized by 2018

The National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG) says documentation process of pending Gacacafiles will be fully digitalized by 2018.

The documents include cases tried through Gacaca, the way they were tried and testimonies provided during the process.

During the commission presentation before the Parliament during the panel discussion on 2015-16 fiscal year report and upcoming 2016-17 schedule, the commission reported that more than 1, 4 million Gacaca documents have already been filed in a digital format.

DrJean DamascèneBizimana, the Commission Executive Secretary, admits the digital documentation process has been delayed due to a number a number of challenges, mainly insufficient budget, equipment shortage and uncomfortable place of documentation, located at National Police Headquarters, Kacyiru.

“MINECOFIN granted us Rwf 400 million in the process, which were still less than the budget needed to efficiently keep the documents given the equipment needed,” he said

“But since we got another Rwf 420 million, we hope that the documentation process will successfully be finalized by 2018,”

As a result, 27 million more documents will be digitally filed besides by the end of 2017 and the remaining 35 million documents in 2018.

So far, documents from around ten districts are digitally filed, while the documentation is ongoing in more districts where the likes of Burera and Nyagatare Districts, believed to have less number of files compared to Southern Province Districts, expected to quickly finalize the process earlier.

Since Gacaca courts completed their duties in 2012, the commission was tasked to keep the documents for safety and keep them digitalized avoid the loss of information from these documents where anyone will be able to access the documents online by 2019 once they are successfully kept in a digital way.

The commission has over 60 million documents, all set to be digitally filed by 2018

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