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Gahini Hospital employees cry foul over salary cuts by the administration

Gahina Hospital employees claim the money charged to their salaries is being used by the hospital’s interests other than being paid to Rwanda Social Security Board(RSSB) and ex- SFAR loan refund payments.

The money charged to their salaries is used for the hospital’s interests following a staggering Rwf 200 million debt that RSSB’ s Mituelle owe the hospital. The hospital opted to use the money charged to its employees to be able function since the debt is yet to be recovered.

However, employees think their money should not stand for the hospital’s loss caused by Mituelle where the issue has been a serious concern during the last four years. They continue to wonder how their money, which would be paid to both RSSB and reducing the SFAR tuition fees refunding process.

One employee said,” when the salary comes, they charge us the insurance money, but the administration doesn’t pay it immediately to RSSB. And when asked about this issue, they say the hospital has urgent financial problems, we are charged the money but it doesn’t reach RSSB”

A nurse whose name is held in anonymity, told that the money charged to their salary is not paid as part of SFAR’s bursary refund while it is charged making sure they are reducing the bursary’s debt.

She said,” we, as nurses, have studied through the government bursary and it is four years since they charge the money to our salaries to refund the bursary. However, we have no idea of where the money goes since it doesn’t reach SFAR. We want the money to be paid back so we can clear the bursary loans”.

Mituelle’s debt blocks the hospital from paying employees’ arrears.

The problems happening in Gahini Hospital are said to have been caused by the debt that Mituelle owes this hospital. Ferdinand Sesonga, the hospital Human Resources manager said the Rwf 200 million that Mituelle owes the hospital is behind the issue. He said, ” all these problems have been caused by the debt that Mituelle owes the hospital, resulting to delaying submission of the money charged to employees”

He, however, denied claims from those who say that RAMA contribution  are not  paid. He said,” our employees have no problem related to medical charges, but the hospital has a serious problem since the hospital is yet to recover the Rwf 200 million debt from Mituelle”

Sesonga added that the hospital is yet to clear Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) tax arrears, but recent talks between both sides concluded that the hospital will be paying the taxes in installments.

Gahini Hospital has long been heard facing court actions over fraudulent actions of the hospital’s properties. So far, four staff members at the hospital, including the Hospital Director General, the admin, the accountant and training personnel, have been suspended as they are facing court actions.

There are also reports claiming that there is a staff member who has hidden  properties in different parts of the country, fearing that they could be auctioned, while he also proposed to divorce with his partner in order to easily escape registering those properties on his own name.

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