Gasabo: Councelor publicly accuses a resident of anti-government ideas

At Mbandazi in Rusororo, a cell council Chairman has accused a resident to have anti-government mindset.The main cause was that the resident appealed to cancel the road traced through his field by force.

The arguments happened on Tuesday May 9th, 2017 in Kataruha Village, Mbandazi cell in Rusororo sector in Gasabo. It is some meters away from Kabuga commercial center, towards Rwamagana, passing the lorry station commonly known as Rwanda Revenue, upper ground of former Kabuga High School.

The roots for the controversial argument was the road traced by force in the fields of a former teacher called Charles Ndamage, popular to name ‘Prof’ and that of Abdon Muhawenimana.The road was traced under the order of Mbandazi cell council head, Alexis Mugorozi.

The two cell residents appealed to the local administration up to the district level and the rule was later released to cancel the road, and they were put into force by Rusororo sector Civil Status officer Jean de Dieu Biziyaremye, in presence of the cell executive secretary Janvier Sabato and some of the neighboring residents. The attendance list has been done.

Ndamage says the fact that local authorities claim the road was mutually traced is not true,  saying there were no mutual negotiations, only the process was done by the cell council chairperson by force.

Charles Ndamage also accuses Mugorozi for leading the used water to his plot but the local administration found him a solution for it too, asking Mogorozi to deflect the used water to another direction not later than June 8th.

One of the neighboring residents who witnessed the case said, “ Mugorozi told Ndamage that he has the ideology against current government’s administration and threatened to report him,” testifies Bigirimana, adding that it is no secret because it was spoken in the public, in presence of sector officer and the cell executive secretary.

Mugorozi’s statement scared the Ndamage until he felt in danger while innocent in reality he said,” I feel in quarantine, while I have done nothing wrong, the rumor has spread everywhere in the area, anybody I meet asks me how I am against the government”.

However, Mugorozi insists he has no problem with Ndamage but underlines that he appears to be against public interests activities. He also revealed that he made different complaints against him in the letters of appeal he wrote to the district administration

He also says that he is not living around there, that he works in Nyabihu District and comes in Mbandazi less often.

He says, ‘the road was decided by the community but Ndamage and Abdon refused it and went to appeal”.

Mugorozi admits what he said about Ndamage, though.“Ndamage once told me that the government threats them. So I told the local administration to follow it up to see whether it is such a kind of understanding he has and I said  I could file a case for it”.

Ndamage has attended the recent Democratic Green Party’s Congress that confirmed Dr Frank Habineza to represent it in the upcoming presidential elections scheduled in August.

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