Gatsata: residents extract scrap underground, new business

People in Gatsata Sector, Gasabo District in the City of Kigali are increasingly racing to collect iron vehicle used and metallic items at the ground which was home to spare parts shop few years ago.

The residents, mainly the youth, are exploiting the place at which a spare parts shop was built, after hearing that the used metallic items are costing high at the market.

The scenes are taking place where these spare parts were formerly built and in the gardens around, and the place has become like a mineral tunnel.

Arriving there, you receive a warm welcome from different people of a variety of generations, children and adults, all thirsty with discovering the trace for these materials believed to be hidden in that suburb.

When you see them, you seem to think whether has become home for minerals ground, which is really far from right, as they instead find here and there fighting to discover the whereabouts of the used metallic items at the inner ground around the place.

They say that these items are worth much money, regardless of how rotten or rusty they look in a muddy spot, as they manage to deal it with their client.


Unless God’s protection remains around, these people would wholly fall sick due to these rusty metallic stuffs as they get in search for these items without any self-protection equipment like gloves or nose protection and this could lead them to getting infected by Tetanos or Cancer, the infections which these people call the diseases of riches.

The exploitation is being done 150 meters away from Nyabugogo road traffic red lights, commonly known as Kwa Mirimo, in a straight road to Gatsata, which is known for regular traffic jams. At the nearest distance, you start to see vehicle spare parts shops here and there.

At such a distance, right, is a swamp where people gather collecting used metallic items as if they have discovered a new mineral trace.

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