Gatsibo: 200 sachets of illegal gin seized in pubs

On operation by Police in Gatsibo District conducted a targeted operation in eight pubs located in Kabarore center. They seized over 200 sachets of Zebra Waragi- an illegal gin.

The operation conducted this Sunday morning on March 19 also resulted to the apprehension of the bar owners on accusation of selling illegal substances.

The suspects in custody are Agnes Umuhoza, Mathias Humvumugabo, Hamdun Barayavuga, Theogene Karekezi and Alexis Ndayisaba.

Others are Alias Bizimana, Straton Uzabakiriho and Alphonse Nsabimana.

According to the Eastern Region Police Spokesperson, IP Emmanuel Kayigi said that alcoholic substance packed in plastics are not allowed in Rwanda since they don’t measure up to the required standards.

He reminded that such substances are classified as drugs basing on the dangers they cause on human health.

“Drug addicts usually make impaired decisions and end up committing crimes. Most of the petty criminals have acted under the influence of drugs,” said IP Kayigi.

The spokesperson further noted; “Drug consumers are usually a threat to security, not productive citizens. That’s why, as law enforcers, we usually embark on enhance operations to ensure we wipe out this vice so as to have secure, healthy and productive citizens.”

Fighting drug abuse is one if the priorities of RNP as an effort to break other crimes largely committed by drug abusers.

Article 598 of penal in Rwanda, states penalties for a person who manufactures or sells drugs. “Any person who manufactures, sells, prescribes a drug, harmful products, ….shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of six (6) months to two (2) years and a fine of one million (1,000,0000) to five million (5,000,0000) Rwandan francs or one of these penalties”.

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