Gatsibo residents construct 10 Police stations

The Governor of the Eastern Province, Judith Kazayire, inaugurated ten police stations including a District Police Unit (DPU). The event took place yesterday, February 2nd, in Nyagihanga Sector of Gatsibo. All have been constructed by residents in partnership with the district administration. This official inauguration was also attended by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Emmanuel K. Gasana, DIGP in charge of Administration and Personnel, Juvenal Marizamunda, among others.

The stations were constructed all along one year. They include offices, separate detention facilities for both males and females, a mess and accommodation for the attached officers. Speaking to hundreds of the jubilating residents, the Governor commended them for their contribution to policing and “upholding the value of community policing.”

She noted that such ideals of citizens’ involvement and ownership continue to positively impact on the lives of the people, and a base for the level safety and security that the country continues to enjoy today. Before the construction of Nyagihanga Police station, for example, residents had to brave tens of kilometers to seek police services to the nearest police station of Ngarama.

On behalf of Police, IGP Gasana noted that such activities are rewards of good leadership and community policing in particular towards sustainable security and development.

“Your relentless efforts invested in constructing these police stations are highly appreciated, and depict your commitment and patriotism for the good of our country,” said the Police Chief.

He went on to say that policing can only be successful where there is close partnership with the people.

“Let’s create a strong partnership that is built on information sharing and be a model of sustainable security. Security starts with you by protecting yourself, feeling protected and protecting your neighbors,” IGP added.

To successfully implement their idea, residents constituted a committee of five people to oversee timely construction of the facilities. Hussein Mpagazehe, the head of the committee, said: “When the idea of constructing the police station of Nyagihanga came up, the idea was conceived by other sectors and it became a project for all the residents of Gatsibo.”


The mayor of Gatsibo, Richard Gasana said that of the 14 sectors in his district, 10 have police station. “Our intention is to have all the sectors have police station and quarters for officers before the end of this year,” said Gasana. “We have seen crimes going down tremendously in the last one year and we attribute this to the decentralization of the police services”.

Other constructed Police stations by residents country wide include Rusebeya in Rutsiro, Gisozi and Gikomero of Gasabo. All fully-fledged Police stations as part of their community policing initiative to support security activities in the area. They include offices, a detention facility, mess, accommodation for the attached officers and fully connected with Internet.

The whole idea of establishing at least one police station in each of the 416 sectors across the country is part of the policy to take service further closer to the people and ensure service excellence.

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