Gender is not about empowering women, but family-Kagame

President Paul Kagame insists that women should not understand well that they are empowered to become a buck-up to the whole family; and forget it is a result and a right time for them to feel superior to men in terms of power.

He was speaking at the RPF’s Women League at its 3rd National Congress held at Kigali Convention Centre on Saturday April 22, 2017.

The RPF-INKOTANYI’s Chairman, who was the guest of honor at the RPF-INKOTANYI Women’s League Congress, said women were specifically marginalized throughout Rwanda’s history, where the girl child was considered inferior, insists that the kind of history has changed as women’s capabilities are no longer underrated like it was before thanks to the government’s prior intervention in empowering them in all aspects of life.

Kagame said, “Women were specifically marginalized throughout our history, where the girl child was considered inferior but the history of RPF is about revolution and changing the lives of Rwandans so they can be in step with global trends. So, you cannot effect change without basing on principles that govern change”

Kagame /FPR

However, he reminded women that their mindset on women empowerment should change from change from one way to another, only focusing on positivity from the reason why they were empowered, not to stand and put themselves in position of superiority against their husbands.

He said, “When we talk about empowering women we are talking about empowering family, not to pit women against men”

During the congress, Kagame reminded women to be impact players towards the country’s development with the character of positive change in their day to day problem-solution equations, especially by getting ready to deal with challenges towards development.

“We are working to develop our country; you should not expect to take a shortcut, but to adopt RPF’s unique way of doing things and the way they should be upheld, basing on the culture of truth and the commitment to deal with challenges towards development matter how long it might take,” he said.

He also called women to fight any form of violence around the community, as well as, with no tolerance, report it whenever it happens and advised them to brief young women before marriage to avoid all violence problems.

“For RPF to be and stay what it is supposed to be, we must strive to find solutions for these problems. So, young women should be given the right advice about marriage, not to tolerate domestic violence and young Rwandans, in general, should be told the truth that what they see glittering out there is not what it looks like”

The congress, which was also attended by First Lady Jeannette Kagame, saw Comfort Mbabazi elected at the post of Justice Commissioner.


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