Gicumbi: Patients appeal over mediocre medical service delivery at Byumba Hospital

Patients at Byumba Hospital claim medical service delivery should be improved after long complaints rating the hospital’s nurses to be behind the bad service being offered to the patients.

While looking for medical treatment to save their lives, patients insist nurses at Byumba Hospital spent most of their time on their telephones rather than spending it taking care of them.

Talking to, some of the patients who were looking for medical service at the hospital said they hardly get offered the service accordingly as they sit waiting to get served for over half a day, and sometimes go back home without getting treated.

“I took my wife to the hospital early in the morning while she was about to give birth but, unfortunately, the nurses operated on her like at 5 pm when she started to face complications as owing to late treatment. I even saw a woman get dead at that time, “says Eric Nsanzimana

“I and my colleagues travelled a long distance coming here [Byumba Hospital] for medical treatment we got no one to take care of us” Nadine Ingabire added.

Doctor Jean de Dieu Twizeyimana, the Director of Byumba Hospital, said the fact that patients are not with the hospital’s service delivery is that there I a limited number of nurses at the hospital but promised the hospital is planning to send some of its staff at different health Centers in Gicumbi District so the patients are easily treated there.

“The nurse’s shortage is at the centre of bad service in our hospital comparing to the number of patients the hospital receives. We also do not have enough laboratories. We are planning to reach them at their respective health centers to help them get treated near their homes instead of coming here, ” Twizeyimana said.

Asked about the nurses who appear to concentrate on their phones instead of serving patients, Dr Twozeyimana said he was going to follow it up and warned that anyone who will be found guilty will get face severe penalties

The Ministry of Health admits to be aware of nurse’s shortage leading the patients to become victims of the issue but the Ministry states that more nurses and doctors will soon be admitted in health centers and hospitals to tackle issue that push patients feel disappointed due to bad service delivery from nurses.

Regarding adding doctors and nurses, it is necessary to think how that will be done at a time when there are several issues alleged to exist in the health sector, including students who are given a test before being allowed to debit health profession with potential.

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