Gicumbi: Sector administration refutes having met Dr Frank Habineza, photos and video can reveal

On Wednesday, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda Chairman, Dr Frank Habineza, a soon-to-be candidate who is set to join the race for the presidential upcoming elections, visited Rwamiko Sector in Gicumbi District.

He was looking to hold talks with the sector administration about his party member who are being mistreated in the sector, asked to appeal by the sector administration until some left the sector.  He has recorded and filmed the conversation authorities deny this visit.

It was on May 17th when Dr Habineza and a team of members of the party left the Rwanda’s capital city to Byumba, passing by Cyamutara, then Rwesero and started their visit in Nyagahinga Cell, Kigaga Village across Muhazi Lake vicinity.

This is home to Theoneste Dusabyimana, Green Party’s Media Officer in Northern Province with Consolee Mukabugingo, also a member of the party but who left the place due to authorities’ pressure.

This pressure has happened to five Green Party members who have recently attended the party’s Congress held in Kigali on March 19th, 2017 which decided Dr Habineza to represent the party at the upcoming presidential elections slated for August 2017.

Like Dusabyimana testifies, since they attended the Congress, they started facing such pressures where some have been asked to explain why they left their former party, while others were threatened to be dropped from Girinka policy beneficiaries or get freed from accessing electricity connection and other threats.

After the Congress, they appealed to the sector one by one until Consolee Mukabugingo decided to leave her residence in Kigaga Village near Petit Seminaire Rwesero, as a result.


Dr Habineza visited Rwamiko Sector, the authorities deny such

Dr Habineza left Kigaga Village for Kigaga Sector offices alongside Theoneste Dusabyimana, they climbed Nyanza hillside, and touched Bitsibo before turning left to Mutambiko at the sector offices.

As pictures, videos and voices reveal, the party team was received by the sector’s civil status officer, Fulgence Niyibizi, (dressed in white shirt), who explained them why Green Party’s members have been being called upon.

He said, “Security comes first, so we were asking them whether they hold some meetings during the nights. Meetings are normally held during the days because all legal political parties are allowed to operate in this sector”.

Dr Frank Habineza said Niyibizi, is in charge of Civil Status but Dusabyimana says Niyibizi is in charge of Customer Care and was the lone employee available at the sector offices.

During the discussions, Niyibizi assured the party team that no party’s members will ever face such violence in Rwamiko sector anymore.


Confusion: Fulgence Niyibizi is not at work, Executive Secretary needs close talks with media tried to reach out different sector officials, for the purpose to balance what they discussed about, but none of them agrees to have met Dr Frank.

Aimable Kagwene, Executive Secretary of Nyagahinga, one of Rwamiko cells that Green Party Chairman Dr Habineza visited, said, “ I don’t know anything about it nor do I know that man [Dr Frank Habineza]. I don’t even know whether there were Green Party members in this cell nor do I know if they have been being called up by the sector administration,”

Asked whether Cosolee Mukabugingo is still a resident in that cell, Kagwene said, “I normally see her walking around here, I didn’t know she left the place, I have no idea about it for sure”.

Contrarily to what Magwene’s information, Mukabugingo left the cell residence few days after she had attended the Green Party’s General Congress.

Asked about Kabusunzu Village chief, Nkurunziza who has recently warned Green Party members to be withdrawn from the list of Girinka beneficiaries, he also pretended that he has no idea.

This started to make confusions as one of the sector residents said, “how come people accused of causing insecurity get called up repeatedly by the sector authorities in unawareness of Cell Executive Secretary, I also think he attends weekly security meetings.”


How so, he goes on, does an executive Secretary say he does not know whether a resident has missed in the cell for over a month while weekly reports are done about movements inside and outside the Cell?”

Niyibizi who is said to have received the party delegation was called and accepted that he’s is really the Niyibizi who is in charge of Civil Status at Rwamiko. But he totally refutes having received Green Party’s team, claiming that it is a long time since he last was at work, due to sickness.

He said, “I am sick and I was not able to go to work days ago”

But one of the residents appeared to be confused wondering where Dr Habineza got Niyibizi’s number if he did not receive that delegation, or, he is also wondering whether it was someone else who received them and gave them a wrong number. also asked, through a phone call, Rwamiko Sector Executive Secretary, Lambert Rwitare, about the party’s visit to the sector he is in charge but simply said he was not around.

Asked whether he does not get reports of what happened in the sector while not around, he pretended to say that he was not able to reach the journalist’s call due to network interruptions. The journalist tried Rwitare’s phone four hours later but he did not pick it. The journalist even sent a text message in vain as he did not receive the feedback.

The message sent to Rwitare reads, “Dear Executive Secretary, I am the other journalist who wants to know the sector employee who received Frank of Green Party. What is his name, what is his post at the sector, what did they discuss about?”

In response, exchanging MTN to Tigo and vice versa, he wrote, “Good afternoon, it would sound better if you reach me at the sector and talk face to face, as our sector is not too far, I am not comfortable with discussions through the phone”.

Before we wrote this article, we sent him a message which reads, “Dear Secretary Executive, we work in Kigali. There is a long distance to reach Rwamiko. The questin of names of the sector staff, his position and what he discussed with Frank Habineza; is simple to say on phone”

To reach Rwamiko, where the Executive Secretary call so close contrarily  to the journalist, you first travel 30 km from Kigali to Cyamutara, you take right heading to Rwesero, and climb to Bitsibo passing by Kigaga, and turn back to Rutare, then Mutambiko where the sector offices are built, a travel of  between Rwfs 2500 and 3000 from Cyamutara by a motorcycle”.

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