Gicumbi: Tea collectors express their discomfort with electronic payment mode via mobile phones

People working as tea collectors in Gicumbi District says are not comfortable with the electronic mode of payment which is realised via mobile phones as it makes the management of it a hard task.

In an interview with, the citizens who said that they work in tea field as tea collectors added that With their remuneration which is not yet competent and which arrives in cut due to a number of charges applied through payment process. They suggest that the payment would be at least done through bank accounts.

Ndayisaba Aimé “ we are paid 33 frws per kilo, in the payment process the money is transferred to COOPEC Ishema which immediately transfer it to our tigo cash accounts so for as is loss considering the fee of charge”

These tea collectors of “Mulindi factory tea” say that they were obliged to open accounts in particular banks, which were not of their choices, being told that the accounts will be used for payment and they while waited for the payment to be done via their accounts only to see it is done via tigo cash”

They obliged us to have particular accounts, they don’t accept all accounts.

However, the Gicumbi officials promised that this problem should be resolved and workers receive their payment via banks of their choices.

Karanganwa Jean Bosco, the labour officer says “we discussed with tea collectors and they told us their problems are that their payment is done via tigo cash while they have bank accounts and they were more to the point obliged to open accounts in particular banks. This therefore, not suitable sine everyone has the right to choose where to receive their payment. This issue should in whatever case be resolved”

And in a bid to promote the policy of self- development, the government urges every Rwandan to work with financial institutions as it is the medium to easily access bank loans and it moreover protect them against likely robbery.

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