Government behind late food shortage countrywide– Green Party

Opposition political party, “Democratic Green Party in Rwanda” (DGPR), accuses the government of Rwanda to be behind the droughts that have previously been spoken in the country due to poor farming policy set by the government.

In an interview with, Dr Frank Habineza, the opposition side leader, says the government’s land consolidation policy and one crop at a big area resulted in lacking enough food to consume.

He says, “They ordered people to grow one crop at a big area in a selected region. Then you find people growing maize, for instance. Thereafter harvest, a dilemma; to sell maize and buy beans, while they would have grown beans and maize together”.

Dr Habineza also says farmers are required to sell the harvested crop to cooperatives to get money and buy other needed foodstuffs, while they would themselves have grown them.

“This,” says Dr Habineza “resulted to the disappearance of some domestic crops like potatoes, cassava, and when famine comes, they lack something to survive”.

Another thing that Dr Habineza blames the government is that there aren’t any remedies designed to curb such challenges as Rwanda is used to having a dry season in some regions. Thus, those regions faced the problem of food shortage, while they would have been advised to store water to use during the dry season.

He also said that the government has not set irrigation policy earlier while there was a way to avoid the drought issue.

The issue of drought has long been spoken mainly in Kayonza, Gatsibo and Nyagatare Districts all from Eastern Province.

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