Green Party of Rwanda to disclose its presidential candidate soon

Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR) set to reveal the representative candidate ahead of next presidential election schedule in August 2017.

The opposition party chaired by Dr Frank Habineza who is also the founder, has early tended to contradict some of the public decisions saying they are not for the benefits of the citizens; is now paving the way towards presidential bid but not yet disclose the perfect man for the position.

In a DGPR’s post congress press conference of 13 December 2017, Green Party of Rwanda said they planned to bid for presidential position. They also had trainings on elections aimed at sharpening their electoral capabilities to unable them bidding and winning to be represented in some positions in the government.

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Dr Frank Habineza said his side is preparing for both presidential election in 2017 and parliamentary elections in 2018. “In that case we need to work hard in preparations and we had held a meeting with National Electoral Commission, we had talked about it. We are having Political Bureau meeting this Saturday, we will come up with more crucial decisions related to president election.”


Dr Kayumba Christopher who gave training on elections

“Actually we are aware of election procedures but as political parties we really need such techniques and the perfect knowledge on how you can win elections. There are more items people need to experience including how election is run, what really needed for perfect election…all we need is experience especially for Democratic Green Party of Rwanda which is to bid for the first time.” Said Habineza asked the reasons for pre-electoral trainings.

Green Party leader Frank Habineza has petitioned different arms of government arguing that existing laws on elections do not favour small parties.

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Last year, Green Party called on Rwandans to vote ‘NO’ in Referendum that would allow the current President Paul Kagame to run for a third term in 2017. Frank Habineza, leader and founder of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda said he believes the current two-term limit would allow the emergence of new leadership.

On the referendum, The United States and European Union said it undermines democratic principles in Rwanda but National Electoral Commission president Charles Munyaneza said his commission carried out the wishes of Rwandans.

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