Guns roar broke out between Rwandan and Congo Defense Forces

Heavy fighting emerged between the Rwandan and Congolese military in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo after an incursion by Rwandan troops, reveals Congolese army spokesman.

Major Guillaume Djike told AFP that the fight occurred on Tuesday “on Congolese soil” nearer to the Rwandan border at the foot of Mount Mikeno in North Kivu province.

A senior officer in the DRC army, on condition of anonymity, told AFP: “There have been deaths on both sides.”

Congolese army patrols exchanged fire with Rwandan army positions some 100 meters inside DRC before the two countries’ capitals contacted each other and intervened, according to a military source, News 24 has told

The Congolese army initially thought it was fighting ex-M23 militia members, before realizing it was the Rwandan army, said Djike.

The two neighbors have had a fractious relationship since the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

Rwanda has been accused of backing M23, The militia rebelled against the DRC in 2012, saying a peace accord signed in 2009 had not been respected by the government.

Investigations led from Goma are under way to see if the clashes occurred because of a problem with border demarcation.

On the other hand,Rwandan army spokesperson has promised to comment on this matter at 5:00 p.m to day

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