HIV/AIDS and unexpected pregnancy upsurge in Mahama camp

The Burundian main camp located in Mahama, Kirehe district in Eastern province of Rwanda complain about the increase of HIV/AIDS and unexpected pregnancy in youth. Parents point out financial and life situation as the front root.

The camp users said there are even fewer than 18 years old teenagers who are pregnant due to lack of basic needs and they rushed into prostitute to gain money for their satisfactory.

“There is now under 18 girls who were initially kids but now some of them are mothers while others pregnant”. One citizen in Mahama said.

Self relied children and orphans are the most affected, “The most pregnant kids are those who are self relied and when they starve, they prefer prostitution to get money and other needs to survive; they even have sex with forest guards”.


Mahama camp manager Aristarique Ngoga

Parent’s anxiety is the future of their family since the new generation is fading.

“The new generation is lessening and there is no hope for future, our family is extremely destructing”. One parent added, advising condom use  if they failed self control as well.

Aristarique Ngoga, the Mahama camp manager told VOA that the pregnant upsurge instigated by a great number of youth in the camp and variance of people in the place.

Approximately 52 birth occurred a week and most of them are young generation. Pregnant sometimes accompanied HIV/AIDS.

Théogène U

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