CBHI confronted with Ubudehe categories appeal

Community based health insurance system (CBHI) commonly known as Muttuelle de Santé has been challenged with the recent publication of Rwandans well-being categories, Ubudehe; as the majority has been complaining of unfair categorization lead to appeal.

The government of Rwanda is making substantial progress towards improvement and is working towards achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, especially in health sector; every Rwandan supposed to have health insurance.

For the citizens with no special belonged status like Military medical insurance (MMI) for soldiers, FARG insurance for genocide survivors and other who experienced non-governmental insurance scheme; annually need to pay for health treatment according Ubudehe categories.

The ministry of local governance launches the revised ubudehe categories and many Rwandans suffered mistreatment from their local leaders whom they accuse of cheating while classifying citizens. After ceaseless complaining of poor citizens whose Ubudehe categories promoted in vacuum, they were admitted to appeal as many of them still waiting appealing decision to pay health insurance fees.


Alexis Rulisa, RSSB head of community based health insurance department

Ndahimana from Rugarika sector in Kamonyi district of southern province stated that he is waiting for his appeal to pay mutuelle de santé. “I was considered to be in second Ubudehe category while I do not have any property like land for agriculture and breeding, cow… I only depend on daily so called jobs. How can I pay mutuelle de santé without knowing my Ubudehe category”.

Deputy Mayor of Kamonyi district in charge of social affairs, Uwamahoro prisca said that ubudehe categories for those who appealed are to be early revealed not more than next week. She added that they are who last year sponsored by government who have to take care themselves.

“Citizens need to abandon dependency routine and always feeling help needy, they have to accustomed self-reliance; only very poor will be taken in charge by the government”. Deputy Mayor noticed.

Community based health insurance system has significant impact on improving the standards of living in Rwanda by enabling the largest segment of the population gain access to preventive, curative and rehabilitative health services which they would previously not easily access.

Théogène U

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