I feel that Israel is killing me, to deport me to Uganda or Rwanda is no less than killing me-asylum seeker reveals

African seekers reveal worry that Israel government plan of their deportation could be a death warrant.

Muluebrhan Mesgna, 30-year-old Eritrean, who has lived in Israel since 2011 says he worries his deportation to Rwanda or Uganda is like providing a death warrant.

Mesgna says After finishing his university degree in veterinary sciences,he was forced to  serve  country’s mandatory military service, which is viewed as indefinite conscription, meant his “future was narrowing out.” Cbc has learnt

Meanwhile, Israel government plans to deport 37,000 African migrants, who the government views as “illegal infiltrators “in March,2018.

The state’s plans have drawn harsh criticism from Holocaust survivors and sparked demonstrations, with immigration and human rights advocates saying the expulsions are not the Jewish way.

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