I work for the interests of Rwandans-says President Kagame

President Paul Kagame says he is right to work for the general interests of Rwandans instead of seeking to falsely please one part.

He delivered the message in an exclusive interview with Jeune Afrique journalist in the beginning of May 2017 who asked him: “Electoral campaigns are carried out closely with pledging what to do for citizens, what do you pledge for Rwandans so that they can proudly vote for you?”.

President Kagame responded that he is reasonable not work so as to falsely please people : “ You know, I am not such a person who dupes Rwandans with trivial things or low value materials by committing to false pledges. I am reasonable person, who is not there to falsely please others. We know where we started from, what we have achieved and what we should increase in performing but also be aware of where we have to be limited to ”.

He goes on saying that he will never pledge what he cannot fulfill.

“ I can’t dare pledge anything that I cannot put in practice. Do not expect from me other extra things that I do not pledge. I only remind Rwandans to strive for working together so that the future becomes better for us. I can add that the necessary thing is that elections concerns all of us, ourselves, ” he stressed.

He further clarifies that he owes debt to Rwandans saying that, “If it was to provide lesson to the world, it could summon and question me but for me it is for Rwanda and Rwandans where foreigners should not be teaching us anything about that”.


The journalist also asked Kagame to comment on those who undoubtedly confirm that he will be elected.

“On 4th August, Rwandans will participate in elections where they will themselves vote for president they believe is better,” Kagame replied.

You are candidate for presidential elections and being reelected is not negotiable, how do you explain that? , Journalist continued asking.

“Rwandan history plays role in its democracy and attitude during elections in particular ways .There is no reason seeking to push debate on that by comparing to other countries that never experienced genocide. It could instead lead people to not understand well what has been happening in Rwanda,” president said.

When asked if he had no worries due to rival candidates in elections, he answered that that issue was simple: “We passed through times of hardships which means that that issue is very small among other big ones”.

In the interview, the journalist also asked President Kagame announced that he does not regret on any of his decisions but what he does is only to take time and cope with effects in which he might have played role.

He explained that the reason why he sacked the head of Rwanda Air was , “ Rwandans gave me responsibilities to monitor what is going wrong and rectify it”.

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