ICT-based service delivery on the rise in the Southern Region

Efficient service delivery is what matters most in the local government, and the southern region is adopting technology to make it fast efficient in different domains.

Testimonies from both Huye and Gisagara Ditsricts, local leaders and residents, have made it clear that, having adopted ICT,             there has been a big positive change on addressing issues related to service delivery, in terms of time and efficiency.

The example of Irembo online service has been instrumental to simple and timely service to the people while applying different documents like birth or marriage certificates, ID cards, Driving Licence test registration and more.

At least every sector has full access to internet connectivity to help employees deliver different services to satisfy the people’s expectations without waiting for a negative judgement from their reactions.

Taking an example of Huye District, the district plans to expand different tele-centers at each of the district sectors and schools, targeting to train at least 400 youth every year in ICT together with internet connectivity.

“We target to spread ICT in each of the district schools with strong internet connectivity around the school background to access different online services available at different institutions,” said Vedaste Nshimiyimana, Huye District Excecutive Secretary.

He adds that ICT has already addressed some issues relating to bad and late service delivery so far, helping people to get different services on a very satisfying basis to prevent them from being frustrated by the service providers.

Gisagara Mayor, Rutaburingoga Jerome

 Rutaburingoga Jerome ,Gisagara Mayor

The case applies the same to Gisagara District where Jerome Rutaburingoga, the district Mayor, says ICT will make it easy to the district youth and the general public   access it for fast service and adopt digital life thanks to technology.

He said, “We have generated internet at each of our district sectors, we also need to expand ICT access by distributing different items at different centres already built in each of the district sectors to equip youth with more training skills”

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